Howard says “Hello” to April!!

Hello Friends!!! I would call you Ladies and Gentlemen—but YOU know what you are!!!

Firstly—“Happy Birthday to me!!! yep–April 24th is the date I was born—and I want to thank all my friends for their wonderful cards and calls–especially to my brother who already sent me 6 birthday cards already!!!!
Thank You All Again!!

On to Reviews!!!

On the Theater Front—I want to remark on two absolutely wonderful productions currently in production–
Firstly “RED” at Theaterworks– the story of artist Mark Rothko–Brilliant with such fast paced dialogue!!! RED run is till May 6th!!! Go SEE—
Secondly!!!OMG Wonderful is “BELL, BOOK & CANDLE” at The Hartford Stage—Kate MacCluggage (what a name) is the bewitching lead as Gillian–she is drop-dead gorgeous!!!! the run is until April 29th……

Stop the presses—-on the movie front…..”The Hunger Games” yes I enjoyed it—but the kids vs kids was bothersome for this “must-see” film!!!! I still give it a B+ for this new film franchise…..
waiting to see in the next few weeks as summer heats up – The Avengers, The Amazing Spiderman and of course BATMAN!!! Hope this will be a summer to remember at the cineplex!!!

Food Reviews—-arg!!!–watch out for this fellow diners—This past Saturday, after seeing the delicious “Bell Book and Candle–my brother decides to treat me for dinner as an early birthday gift – so he drives to this steak restaurant in Rocky Hill –seemed a pleasant enough place—so we order dinner—I have a filet, my brother has the salmon—and then tried out the make your own “salad bar”—nothing to really write home about—the “filet”- though asked for medium came out a bit more rare than desired—and a bit chewier than a filet should be–so nothing really to write home about–however,, what really got me mad–was the drinks—We both ordered a cola with no ice–what we received was a small – shotglass size glass filled with warm soda – What??? SO I am eating my meal- having a great conversation with my brother and then asked for a refill of soda—and thought nothing of it— till the bill came—the bill included two sodas—5.00, plus the refill – 2.50 ??? What???? even McDonald’s gives you a free refill of soda!!! ouch—-If they have to charge you for a refill on soda–what else are they charging you extra for—yea yea yea–I know the economy is bad –but comeon!!! stop shortchanging the customers –at least give them a FULL Tumbler size cola!!

On the Travel front–I might be going on a Royal Caribbean Cruise Line cruise—will give more details as they happen!!! Have not been on a RCCL ship in a bit—anchors away!!!

Back in while – with more info–

Once again thanks for the Happy Birthday Wishes!!!

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