All Aboard – My RCCL cruise is next week!!

Excitement is in the air!!! As many of you know-I will be away from the TV station for a while on assignment –but what an assignment–doing a travel review on the super-luxurious Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship- Explorer of the Seas!!! As they say–someone has to do it and it might as well be me right??? I will be reporting each day on my blog of my daily adventures, the food, the entertainment, the food, the excursions, and of course the FOOD!!! I will also be preparing a full Travel Review for publication when I return and of course a travel video of the sights and scenes of my 10 night Bermuda and Caribbean cruise. I also want to sincerely thank Lyan Sierra-Caro and Coryn Fritzler of RCCL for all their gracious assistance–it is truly appreciated!!!

On the Theater front—There is still time to catch Rogers & Hammerstein’s Carousel at the GoodSpeed Opera House- it runs till September 29th- Loved it and so will you. At the Norma Terris Theater –the sounds of the 50’s are rocking and a rolling with THE BIKINIS–a 4 gal music group out to save their trailer camp–great fun!!!
I am still ranting and raving regarding the recent production of “I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti” that was recently produced at TheaterWorks in Hartford–A masterpiece—!!! Funny,heartwarming, and a pasta dinner to boot!!! Plus it was adapted by my good buddy and Harry Potter fan- Jacques Lamarre!!! I, like all your friends are so proud of you Jacques!!! so? what are you doing for an encore!!!

My rant of the week: Check your RECEIPTS!!! I was at a local steak restaurant this past weekend–The waitress states there is a special on one of their steak on the menu–and it even comes with complimentary mushrooms and onions she states!!! Aha??? So I order the special–very nice–a big bone-in rib eye–with the mushrooms and onion side–now here’s the kicker!! So I get the bill–most of you don’t even look at it right??? Well I did and I suggest you look at yours as well next time you dine–the bill showed that my “special” as advertised was priced 6 bucks higher than what was on the menu–I was charged for my “complimentary” mushrooms and onions and I was even charged for a refill on a soda!!!! I had been over charged about 11 dollars on my bill!!! Tell me what you would you do if this happened to you?? or has it happened to you?? hmmm? some funny business going on!

Please stop by my BLOG starting next week for all my daily reports from the Explorer of the Seas–I can’t wait for this adventure to begin!!!

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