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November is upon us—where did the Halloween go? October always falls back so quickly as it beckons on the two Holidays that are so ingrained in all our Hearts—-Thanksgiving and then onward to Christmas——— ( Does the Macy’s Day Parade make you feel like its the official start of the Yuletide—it does to me)

Firstly, I want to wish my brother Harvey Leon Frydman a very Happy Birthday- as is my usual tradition -I sent him his customary three Hallmark cards and took him out for dinner—–as many of you know, I enjoy reviewing restaurants -so let me tell you what transpired during the last few days – as I invited my brother to join me to dine as we celebrated his birthday……..

Firstly—-I took Harvey to a local steak restaurant in Manchester— we both had a fine dinner—great appetizers and hearty steaks—but old baked potatoes-yeck!—but this is not really about the food–but something that transpired during that visit, something I have noticed before and have tried to warn you about—CHECK YOUR RECEIPTS!! In a nutshell here is what transpired- A young couple, maybe around 23iish, was sitting in an adjoining booth with their young baby. I would not say they looked poor but definitely not rich – after the completion of their meal- they were presented with their check—after a few minutes–the young woman asks to see her waiter. “excuse me—you added a side I never had”—hmmmm? I heard her state to her husband—“thats how they get their tips up”…….. WELL? is it….???? I have to admit–at this SAME restaurant, it happened to me—and I never said a thing to the server or the manager—SHAME ON ME…….But this is happening more and more– what would you do??? wirite me—what do you think? All I can say is check your receipts!!!!

On a brighter note- my good Friend William Chen-owner of the “the” Fengs and Ginza restaurant chain, invited my brother and I to celebrate my brothers birthday at the Canton, CT Fengs— The Food was OUT OF THIS WORLD WONDERFUL— stated off with the Tomyum soup- with colossal shrimps—aromatically Delicious- and then onward and upward with tastings of a Feng’s signature Roll, dim sum and Had the Fillet while my brother had the colossal Scallops for our dinner entrees—-what a super place to celebrate any event—Below find a pic of the elusive but talented restaurateur Mr. Chen….

Feng/Ginza Restaurant owner William Chen

On the Theater front–here comes the Holidays at all my favorite Connecticut theaters—Goodspeed, Hartford Stage and Theaterworks—-with their productions of A Christmas Carol at The Hartford State, The Great American Mousical, directed by Julie Andrews at Norma Terris/Goodspeed and The SantaLand Diaries at TheaterWorks!! WOW–Jingle Jingle Jingle!!!



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