Something Evil Came to Connecticut

Connecticut cries–I cry…….

Tears for those lost in Newtown

Tears for those lost in Newtown

Something Evil crept into the small Connecticut town of Newtown….it took away 20 innocent children, children who didn’t even know what evil looks like!!! Lives destroyed, families destroyed—and we and a nation cry….. 

For a parent – you wake up with thoughts  of preparing your child for school- a place of safety– who would ever think that would be the last time they would ever see their face- we cry!!!

And at Christmas–?? what evil would do this?  These innocent children had their entire lives to live—one could have been the next President, or had found the cure for Cancer or had been an Olympic champion—you can only imagine the possibilities that was taken from us by this evil thing that came to Newtown—we cry,,,, 

As someone who lives in Connecticut–I would never  had thought this type of Evil would ever enter any of  our quaint New England towns—-I take a deep breath—yet a dark evil  did come to Connecticut on Friday, December 14, 2012…….we cry! My Connecticut is scarred forever in this infamy,,,,,,,,,,,,

I can only ask you to pray for the Families and the Community of Newtown, Connecticut but I also ask–how do you keep this evil from ever raising their evil  hand again—new laws, legislation, what???? I don’t know—-

I will end this post with a small story on how this has effected so many.. My friend Uma is the manager of a small bank here in Connecticut, she has one small son… I saw her on Saturday—she told me that since this Evil came,-she has kept her son close to her. “He has questioned me about all these lost children and for the last two nights  he has stayed in my bed with me–and we hugged.. Today I took him with me to work-I just want to keep my child close to me and safe”……….. don’t we all??

May these children rest in peace……….

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