Karen Carpenter, Christmas and Santa Howard

Karen Carpenter I miss you!!! Especially at Christmas- Karen, I don’t think you will ever know how your singing effected so many!!! For the last several weeks, I have listened non-stop to my Sirius Satellite Radio in my car–But it is your clear, warm , soulful sound that stirs me most during this holiday period!!! “Merry Christmas Darling, “Sleigh Ride” “The Christmas Song”- your voice says it all and I miss it and You! If I only had a Wayback Machine I would so try to tell you to take better care of yourself and to EAT!!! You were always beautiful to us!! Merry Christmas Karen Carpenter…

On the Holiday Theater Front: The Hartford Stage-A gift- I have been literally waiting an entire year for a holiday gift that I have been receiving over and over for close to 15 years. Yes, I freely admit I am re-gifting a very special seasonal gift that comes around only once a year!! The Gift?- the magical theatrical production of The Hartford Stage’s  “A Christmas Carol- A Ghost Story of Christmas” staring that loveable scamp with the “bah humbug” Flu, “ Mr. Scrooge himself, Bill Raymond (currently seen in the theatrical release “LINCOLN”).  From soaring Ghosts, snow falling on Victorian  London to the ever  loveable “Tiny Tim”,  this production, from The Hartford Stage ushers in a truly magical and so enchanting holiday gift in their exquisite rendering of Charles Dickens’  classic tale of redemption, renewed hope and a love for life that takes place, just like Santa’s annual journey, in a one night period. This seasonal production is a true gift wrapped in a bright red bow and will stir the holiday spirit within all, even those with latent Scrooge-like tendencies.

The Hartford Stage presents "A CHRISTMAS CAROL

The Hartford Stage presents “A CHRISTMAS CAROL

Theater Works hosts The SantaLand Diaries, written by David Sedaris and starring Jeff Kready as Crumpet the wayward for the holidays-only Elf. It’s a merrily subversive holiday comedy when an out-of-work actor tells the tale of his experience as an elf at Macy’s. At only an hour in length I yearned for more, Please More Sir-Elf!!  From how to greet wayward children, dealing with spoiled parents and how to be the perfect elf- Diaries is a great alternative to those folks who Elfphotoyearn for theater but not the Nutcracker kind!! I will state–I wish the production could go a lot further===Crumpet talks about learning Holiday songs–why not have the audience participate in a sing-along–or take a few audience members and have them learn how to be an elf or show us how to make the perfect bow or cup of hot chocolate—it just needs to  go a bit further to make this a theatrical classic…. 

Ok—so whats the gift from Santa Howard You Ask???? Well if you live in Connecticut I have a very special gift for you!!!

Well – Santa Howard is here to at least give you one gift picked out just for you!!!! Yep–at least we remembered YOU during  this holiday season–and it’s a gift you can share and need not be alone for…..

Santa Howard cordially invites you to the VIP Screening of 

Rave Buckland Hills on January 8, 2013, starring Josh Brolin and Emma Stone.


So how do you get your hands on this gift you ask?

Ok- here is what cha gonna do—please go to the following link–


Santa Howard has 100 pairs of passes (for 200 folks)  to give out this holiday season—Hmmmm….are you thinking what I’m thinking–(free gift—don’t cost ya a thing) –yea, feel free to send this link to all your friends and relatives!!! But, But, please remember these passes came from your Santa Howard !!!

So whatcha waiting for—grab your free tixs to this CT premiere!!

……and Happy Holidays!!!

And Please feel free to head over to the BATV Website at BATVONLINE.ORG!!!

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