On My Way- Traveling with Holland America Line

My good friend the celebrated author, Lucy Anne Hurston, and I both enjoy two unique passions, wonderfully prepared cuisine and traveling the world. On many occasion we have shared images of delectable  foods we are just  about to consume or vistas of our  sojourns far and near. With this in mind, it would be safe to say we both enjoy cruising –  food and ships – a  most sensational combination. As many of you know- I have shared with you my many accounts of  traveling on cruise ships- however, I must reluctantly state I had never been on a Holland America Line cruise ship. This will soon be rectified as I make my way onto the HAL cruise ship Massdam from Boston to Quebec.  Lucy was one of the first persons I contacted regarding my upcoming cruise, she remarked, “HAL is a wonderful cruise line, lots of nice little touches to spoil the hell out of you. Exceptional service like you have never seen. After one day on board everyone will be calling you by name”! But what name she does not state!!  It is easy to say – “I love Lucy” and she will be the first to hear about my cruise and the various menus aboard ship.

Famed Author Lucy Anne Hurston

Famed Author Lucy Anne Hurston

It is currently one week before my embarkation, I am busily making last minute preparations away from my job as Executive Director of TV5 here in Connecticut. One thing I have learned over the years on cruise ships–less is more-cabins are small, so don’t over pack-three pair of shoes will be fine as well as one good suit for the guys, something silky and flowing for the gals. And most importantly don’t forget your passport!! .

Over the next few weeks, I invite you to return to my blog and the BATV-TV5 website, BATVONLINE.ORG to learn more about my adventure aboard the HAL cruise ship Massdam. Please feel to write me if you have any questions about my voyage!! All Aboard!

Holland America Line Massdam

Holland America Line Massdam

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