Cruise Ships, Friends and Billy Casper!!!

“When you have Billy Casper as a friend-than that’s all you need”.  As they say, “you can never have too many friendsAnd so began my  introduction and newly acquainted friendship with Golf legend, Billy Casper, winner of 51 PGA tours.

As usual, I am in the right place at the right time- which means early- an hour and 30 minutes to be exact-  to a “meet and greet” with 81 year old Golf Great Billy Casper at the Wintonbury Hills Golf Course’s Restaurant in Bloomfield, Ct. What do I know about golf?- true-fully not much- but that has not stopped me before in having a great conversation with the world’s greats.  With outreached hand and a cordial smile, Casper is very approachable to those in attendance. And with me being an ‘early bird” at the event—we get to talking—about what? Food and Cruises–what an Ice breaker!!! Once known as “Buffalo Bill”  for his love of Buffalo meat -today Billy is chowing down on hotdogs- my favorite too – I have Chef Rebecca’s special “grilled chicken Salad” with honey mustard dressing.  So we get a chatting–and once I start to discuss cruising and my upcoming cruise on Holland America Lines- Massdam from from Boston to Quebec. Casper enthusiastically states, “That’s one of my favorite destinations too!! –  along with the Panama Canal, Alaska and my cruises to the Canary Islands, Norway and Morocco”.” I usually take two cruises a year-I have made so many friends on a cruise”, he continues with a growing smile. I ask him who was his favorite celebrity to play golf with, “Bob Hope” he quickly states. “Bob was a dear close friend, I enjoyed appearing on many of his comedy shows over the years”.  As you can see my friends, all you need to make a friend is something in common-and having a love of food and cruise ships seems to be universal…

Howard Steven Frydman and Golf Legend, Billy Casper

Howard Steven Frydman and Golf Legend, Billy Casper

Many of you have already asked me to make sure that I include in my upcoming cruise review of the Massdam, various ships menu’s- Yes- this is something I will be more than happy to do especially the “formal nights” at sea.. Please keep your questions coming–and please share your thoughts on cruising with me. For more info on my upcoming travel adventures- please visit BATVONLINE.ORG.  

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