My Adventure Begins: Holland America Line- Massdam

Packed , Prepared and Holland America cruise Lines-Massdam here I come- ready or not!

Sharply at 6:15am, Al from Hunter Limo picks me up at my small Cottage in Connecticut and whisks me away from the deluge of rain that has overtaken our small state. An hour and half later, rain now a gentle mist, I begin my embarkation onto the majestic Maasdam. This is by far the easiest and most organized entry ever experienced- a special thank you and kudos too the HAL “Golden Girls” who assist with your embarkation forms, cabin keys and provide the first of many welcoming smiles to the Maasdam!!!!
Now my friend, Lucy Ann Hurston, did mention that the minute I entered the ship everyone would know my name, it was True!!!! Unbelievably True!! From Martin Cliff-Dining Room Manager, Arvee Atendido-Neptune Lounge Concierge, Diana Palmes- Guest Relations Associate, and Executive Chef Karl Engelbert Eller- they all knew my name and were in deep conversation like we were fast friends who had not seen each other in some time…
My cabin is situated on Navigation Deck – 10, a suite not to believed – a large, elegant home away from home with a regal open air deck to the world- absolutely gorgeous amenities!!!image

Many of you have been asking about the menus and food on board..
Well you know I love to eat – well this top notch, 5 star cuisine- simply delicious!!!! My first dinner in the Rotterdam Dining Room consisted of “Seafood Louie” a selection of bay shrimps, scallops and cod; “Coconut-Crusted Scallops” with mango-pepper salsa; and my main entree of “Roasted Chicken with Sausage Cornbread Stuffing- simply wonderful!! I have only been here one day at this point- but food and service is Five Star- more on the food later and those who watch TV5 will actually be able to see Chef Karl Engelbert Eller prepare some of his culinary delights— more on the food in a later blogs!

By the way I slept like a baby as the Massdam heads now to Bar Harbor, Maine. Please continue to read my Blog throughout my Holland America Line voyage — please feel free to write me at or visit BATVONLINE.ORG- yes, my adventure continues!!!!

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