HAL Maasdam- Food Glorious Food and Fr

Holland America Line - Massdam- Captain Ane Smit

Holland America Line – Massdam- Captain Ane Smit

There are so many fabulous places to see-such as Boston, Bar Harbor and Charlotte Town- P.E. !!
As many of you know,I am currently four days into my Holland America Line Canada and New England cruise on the charming Massdam—which will also take me to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Quebec City, Montreal and cruising the Saint Lawrence River- two things you should know – the crew and staff of the Massdam have been treating me like a true celebrity – and “no” I am not
bringing home any gifts for you!!

Francois Birarda- Massdam Hotel Director  Annie Sy - Manager Guest Relations

Francois Birarda- Massdam Hotel Director
Annie Sy – Manager Guest Relations

Special highlights have included a wonderful interview and tour of the bridge with the Captain of the Massdam, Ane Smit; a private cooking lesson with Karl Eller, Executive/Master Chef and a special formal attire dinner hosted by Hotel Director Francois Birarda – btw- the dinner consisted of Papaya with a Rainbow of Fruit, Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail, Chilled Apple Vichyssoise, and entrees of Orange Ginger Pork, Filet Mignon and lobster tail and Quail with Apricot stuffing- yes-it was delicious!!

Karl Eller- Executive/Master Chef

Karl Eller- Executive/Master Chef

I am currently receiving your many emails aboard the Massdam- thank you!

Many questions directed to me do pertain to the cuisine – so let me spend some time with my thoughts regarding taste, preparation and service… so here I go!! I have been on numerous cruises you know- and hands down HAL. cuisine can be described as creative, inventive, fresh and delicious- aka- yummy! I mentioned creative- I am finding that the chefs here have infused their dishes with many uncommon spices- nutmeg, ginger, lavender, thyme, rosemary- flavors that infuse ordinary fare with greatness and awaken ones senses..example- Duck Pâté Brioche served with lingonberry marmalade, Coconut-Crusted Scallops with mango- pepper salsa and cilantro, Orange-Ginger Pork served with jasmine rice..Extraordinary!!! and if you just want a burger or a hotdog theses are available as well. Many of you know how picky I am – if it’s Feh! – I would truly tell you so- each meal has been a true masterpiece for both the eye and the senses- and service is all that it should be at this level of culinary greatness- no – I am not going back to my suite hungry but blissfully sated- food quality and service -5 stars all the way!!
Tomorrow- the Massdam will set anchor in Quebec City, Canada, – after a video tour of the ship with Cruise Director Michael- I will have the opportunity to next describe some of the numerous venues found on board !!!

OK- if you miss me- let me know- please feel free to email me with your questions about my adventure aboard the Holland America Line- Massdam- please write me at Howardbatv@aol.com or visit BATVONLINE.ORG. Be seeing you!!!

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