My number is 24

Howard is a "24"Twenty four  is my number. 2 plus 4 and now we have 6- six is my favorite number. We all have numbers that mean something to us. I was born on the 24th in the month of April. These are the numbers I was born with – they must mean something? I have always felt these numbers would foretell my future or the type of person I would grow into. 24. twenty-four. Just like a Dan Brown novel – it has to be a code that has been handed down from one generation to the next and I am a part of a long line of 24’s.

My father also wore a number, it was not of his design but was thrust upon him at an early age by a terrible evil that gripped this earth- nazi germany.  At the age of 14, he was transported to a nazi concentration camp and on his forearm was burnt his numbers- my father spent six years of his youth in  auschwitz laboring.  Many a time, the curious would ask him about his numbers that he still bore. The numbers gave him strength. The numbers make his life real.

i am my fathers son and yet another birthday is just around the corner as I await the 24……. My 24 as I write these words is 24 hours away- I have not planed anything special, no celebrations but a day of what, may or will come. My brother, as our ritual has sent me 4 b-cards which I will open tomorrow on the 24th. As with most days of 24, the day will come and go fast and unless you can capture every moment. I will expect I will only remember one or two events by next year- 12 months from now. But you know what? I only need one or two great moments to make this 24 special!


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