A Legendary Evening

A torrential early spring rainstorm could not derail us hearty New Englanders from a very special affair. The grand opening of the newest Texas Roadhouse restaurant in Waterbury, Connecticut – A Legendary Evening filled with great friends, delicious food and a fun time for all involved. In fact, Connecticut’ who’s who are in attendance from State Officials, Senators, Congressmen, athletes, actors and even me- Howard Steven Frydman- food reviewer, television producer and elected politician at the Grand Opening.


Howard Steven Frydman and Texas Roadhouse Owner and General Manager, Wayne Barclay, at opening of newest Texas Roadhouse in Waterbury, CT.

What a enthusiastic bunch of Texas Roadhouse employees – all invitees are greeted with a Hearty “WELCOME” from a spirited

Texas Roadhouse of Waterbury, CT- grand opening

Texas Roadhouse of Waterbury, CT- grand opening

throng of team members as you are guided to your table accompanied by a basket of steaming fresh rolls with cinnamon butter. General Manager, and old friend, Wayne Barclay, welcomes me with a hearty handshake and tells me to order whatever I want from the Texas Roadhouse’s Legendary Steak menu – all hand cut steaks you know!!

Texas Roadhouse

So what did I have to eat? Everything!!! Wayne points to the menu and says ” Howard Go to Town”!!! So here is what I sampled- are ya ready???

Firstly, Texas Roadhouse team members pass from table to table an array of delicious appetizers including: onion blossoms, fried pickles, tater skins, grilled shrimps, and their famous “Killer Ribs”– omg – I am stuffed already!! My selection included a side salad, no tomatoes ( I’m allergic to them remember) served on the side with honey mustard dressing. My main entree- Porterhouse T-bone- a filet and New York Strip prepared medium served with sautéed mushrooms and a side of  freshly made mash potatoes. Even though I know there are new chefs at the helm- my steak is masterfully prepared!!! Yum!!

I have had a great time at this outstanding 5 star event!!!! The folks at Texas Roadhouse sure know how to put out a Texas Sized welcome mat- “Howdy” !!!! I came away with a great dining experience and even some Texas Roadhouse Trivia- their mascot is Andy the Armadillo, team members can wear caps or cowboy hats and no soup is served only award winning chilli–Thank you Texas Roadhouse- thank you for making Connecticut your home!! And remember- “I’ll be back”!! Yum!!







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