AN ADVENTURE AWAITS- Part 1: The Getaway

It’s simple to plan an adventure-? Plain and simple- it’s hard work! Planing for my current exploits has taken me months. Time away from my homebase- TV5 in Connecticut- almost insurmountable at times. I just completed double duty at the station during the hectic November elections and have a series of interviews I need to start. However, I’ve prepped the staff for my extended leave and have set all the programs, be they online, streaming, or on satellite to auto

Harvey Leon Frydman, Director of the Naugatuck Senior Center on his way to The Celebrity Equinox- and the celebration of his 60th Birthday!!

Harvey Leon Frydman, Director of the Naugatuck Senior Center on his way to The Celebrity Equinox- and the celebration of his 60th Birthday!!

pilot which has allowed me to do the almost impossible – take you with me on another travel odyssey. I do want to thank both Stephanie Holder and Meghan Barbe, both from Celebrity Cruise Line, for their gracious assistance in prepping, planning and conceiving my newest expedition- an Ultimate Caribbean Cruise aboard the Celebrity Equinox. To those of you who have emailed me of late requesting my next travelogue- wait no longer because An Adventure Awaits!!!

Traveling on US AIRWAYS

Traveling on US AIRWAYS

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Sunday– the hour-2:03am. I can’t sleep- excitement is escalating. I am packed and ready to go-passport, cruise tickets, flight documents are champing at the bit. Exactly at 3;50am my trusted driver from Hunter Limousine pulls up to my home and whisks me off to Bradley International Airport. Going through security is easy-peasy, I don’t even take off my Johnston and Murphy’s, as I head over to gate 25, US Airways and begin my first of two legs to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
It’s hard to realize there is no direct flights to Fort Lauderdale- and a change of planes is required at Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC.

Embassy Suites, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Embassy Suites, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Departing at 6:10am, seat 1F, the ride is bumpy, my ears pop, I swallow, and have a sip of ice less cola. All of a sudden I hear singing, thankfully not celestial, but four young men who are part of a “Monkees Tribute Band”- they belt out their rendition of “I’m A Believer”- I come to find out they have just played at Mohegan Sun Casino and are on their way to Kansas City. Touchdown at 7:48am- all in all a great flight. Washington is cold- airport is busy. My layover here is only one hour giving me a brief time to refresh, shield my self from wayward ‘koffers” and spritzing sneezers. Flu stay away from me. At 8:35am, US Airways 1992 whisks me up and onward to our final destination, 3 hours away- Florida. The flight like the first is choppy, uneven at times. My ears clog. The flight attendant hands me a bag of salted pretzels, an ice cold banana, warm soda. I eat the fruit-tasty. However, I grow tired, my eyes flicker, I take a final look out the small cabin windows at the snowy clouds below. I finally fall to sleep. The plane continues onward.

Fort Lauderdale – ITS POURING RAIN. not a mild drizzle, if this had been a New England style blizzard, I estimate 3 feet of snow. I overhear a native, by way of Albuquerque, say “this is nothing- it rains here like this all the time”!! Do I need a boat- yes – a cruise ship!! OK- I’m here- what a morning and it is now only 11:30am. I must admit to you, even in this day and age, one minute you are in Connecticut and a few hours later Florida- travel it is a wonderful thing! I have an overnight stay at the Embassy Suites tonight and tomorrow onward to the Celebrity Cruise Ship- Equinox.

Tomorrow- the embarkation…

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