Have Red Suit – Will Travel

Have Red Suit- Will Travel

What are you going to do at this time of year when you need a Santa Claus, and there are none available? Well in the case of Bloomfield’s Mayor Syd Schulman and his wife Alba, you call the one man who has a red suit, a real white beard, and will imagetravel for a good cause – Howard Steven Frydman.


Howard Steven Frydman as “Santa Claus”

Mayor Schulman contacted “Santa Howard” on the eve of the annual “Hartford Celebration of Lights” program when organizers found that their usual Santa was absent and it looked like this would be a Year Without A Santa Claus. Not one to disappoint over 800 children, Frydman happily agreed to portray the Man from the North Pole for the City of Hartford’s Department of Health and Human Services, who were also being assisted by the Hartford Fire Department, Hartford Fire Explorers, and numerous other Santa helpers.image

Children from the age of three months and upward, along with their parents, waited in line to meet Santa, have their picture taken, and ask for that one special Christmas gift- be it a bike, doll, dinosaur, or easy bake oven- but almost all secretly asked for either a pony or puppy to be brought to them from Santa. At one point during the program, a mother returned to Mr. Frydman to state, “My daughter says you are the one real and true Santa- because you have a real beard.” Yes, a truly magical night for all. As many know, Mr. Frydman is the General Manager of BATV-TV5 and serves as a member of the Bloomfield Board of Education.image


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