a Winter to be rescued from….,,,

Blue Hills Fire Department To The Rescue

Blue Hills Fire Department To The Rescue

What are you going to do when a 500lb solid chunk of ice blocks you from leaving your home? That was the dilemma that Howard Steven Frydman faced when a massive ice dam broke off the roof of his home in Bloomfield, destroying a front awning, damaging the house, and preventing him from leaving his home. In this case- you contact The Blue Hills Fire Department to come to the rescue. Frydman, who is the General Manager of BATV states, “I was literally unable to open my front door-nor able to move such a heavy and mammoth piece of ice. I thought maybe a few of the fire staff would assist me when I put out the word for help, but I was overwhelmed and so sincerely grateful when two teams of rescue vehicles were dispatched including Chief Robert Farmer to my home to assist me”. Members of the Blue Hills Fire Department had to use axes and picks to break up the immense ice glacier and then remove the awning to finally allow Frydman to exit his home. Frydman remarks, “I want to personally thank these “home town heroes” for coming to my rescue during this continuous winter of 2015″.



Massive ice buildup on home in Bloomfield, CT- during Winter of 2015




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