…why are you ordering all that Food???

Food Review by Howard Steven Frydman

Restaurant: THREE BROTHER’S 2
Location: 58 Rainbow Road
Route 20 Plaza
East Granby, CT
1(860) 413-3435

“If you build it – they will come” a motto I have expressed many times along with the thought- if you are thinking of opening a restaurant do one or two things right – keep it simple and the rest will follow. Well guess what, owners Elefherios (Terry) Hatzilimageambros and his lovely wife Christina, must be reading the “Howard Steven Frydman Primer How To Succeed in the Restaurant Business”. Only 2 and half months young – “Three Brother’s 2” is thriving at the busy Route 20 Plaza, 58 Rainbow Road in East Granby – just a stone’s throw away from Bradley International Airport – it seems to be the “in” place to meet new and old friends and enjoy a fantastic meal – be it “take out” or “dine in” at their comfortable dining area.




Thick juicy Hamburgers, Foot long Hotdogs lathered with chili and sauerkraut, massive egg-fruit omelets, fresh cold cut “grinders” that you can barely lift with one hand are some of the American-Style offerings found within. We first met Terry and his son Christopher at the equally delicious, quick lunch bistro – Terry’s Place Restaurant in the beautiful hamlet of Bloomfield, Connecticut. It was here that I was introduced to Terry’s skillful mastering of “fast food”. Please note, Terry is quick with his spatula – just watch the man at his grill- a maestro in motion, but by no means is quality lacking- this is freshly made comfort food that you remember from a time long ago and “now” newly discovered for the next generation.

Terry and his wife, Christina, married 37 years, work hand in hand in the open-air kitchen- I find it tender and oh so charming that they often refer to each other as either “honey”, sweetie or dearest, while they prepare every “made to order after order” in their sultry kitchen. On this busy Saturday morning, I am warmly greeted by Terry himself and shown a table in their massive dining area which includes seven leather embossed booths- each with seating for 4, ten large tables that easily accommodates large or small parties and three tables at their front entrance.

Three radiant and enthusiastic waitresses, Rhoda Stover, Kym Ayotte and Karley Rae are at the helm this day, taking orders, kibitzing with regulars and belaying questioning patrons who are abuzz wondering who is the stately gent at the back table and why is he ordering so much food from the menu- I guess that must be me!



And so I begin my sampling of the extensive Three Brother’s 2 breakfast menu with the infamous “Farmer’s Omelet” – a mammoth presentation of fresh onions, peppers, tomatoes, ham, bacon, sausage cheese and mushrooms, served with home fries, sausage, bacon and toast. Superb!! Terry and co-chef Christina prepares eggs any style, with various accompaniments including: grilled corned beef hash, 6 foot long rations of bacon, ham and sausage. For those on the go- patrons can pick up a quick breakfast sandwich. I also sample the Blueberry Pancakes”- three huge, oversize discs of fluffy Buttermilk pancakes, draped with butter and encased in ever flowing syrup.

Tho this is still mid morning, and many are simply having a leisurely breakfast, I take note that numerous patrons are already indulging in Terry’s Footlong franks- as described a foot long (30cm), rosy in complexion, situated on a buttered toasted bun and adorned with home-made chili, shredded sauerkraut, onions, relish, golden mustard- I have to have one and I do!!!! Out of this world wonderful- the “dog” has a delightful snap as I bite into it. I haven’t had a Footlong this good in such a long time. Another menu best- bet are the decadent and “oh-so-good” 4 tier Turkey Club- smoked turkey, cheese, bacon on toasted buttered bread. Additional offerings include: salads, grilled burgers, various classic sandwiches, wraps and “Hot Plates” such as Fish & Chips and Fried Jumbo Shrimps.

The bottom line- the food is fresh, friendly waitstaff, the “fastest” spatula at the grill and the perfect place when you crave some old-time comfort food. At some point, I hope they add ice cream cones, sundaes and soft serve to their menu. The Footlong Hotdogs are a “no doubt about it – this is good eatin” excuse to stop by. Yep- it is so true- Terry and Christina- you have built it- and here we come! enjoy!

Howard Steven Frydman is General Manager and Executive Director of BATV – Channels 5, 95 & 96. If you would like Mr. Frydman to review your restaurant, he can be contacted at Howardbatv@aol.com.

Hours: Monday – Friday

PHOTOS by Harvey Leon Frydman

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