…… May the Fourth be with you and Pizza too!!!

It’s a red white and blue celebration when Park Avenue Pizza blasts off the Fourth of July holiday with their famous ” Patriotic Pizza”.

“Forget about hotdogs- what’s the Fourth of July without a delicious pizza to celebrate with, on a warm summer day or night, as you watch fireworks streaming by” states Executive Chef John Platsis.
Red ribbons of fresh sliced pepperoni on a field of mozzarella and graced with star-spangled olives make up this All-American Pizza. Park Avenue Pizza, situated in the beautiful hamlet of Bloomfield Connecticut has been celebrating July 4th with their singularly unique five star “Patriotic Pizza” and other menu items for over a decade. According to Executive Chef Platsis, “besides our Patriotic Pizzas, we are additionally serving up our chicken “fire-cracker” wings, and our revolutionary “hero” grinders, wraps and tri-level clubs served with a heaping portion of “freedom” fries!


Howard Steven Frydman, Genrral Manager of TV5 assists Chef John Platsis prepare one of his “Patriotic Pizzas” for the upcoming Independence Day celebration.


Park Avenue Pizza, located at 772 Park Avenue, opened its doors to welcoming neighbors over 40 years ago, today this “hidden gem” is undoubtedly the busiest restaurant in Bloomfield. No matter what time of day, every day, there is a continuous throng of folks either coming in to dine or making their way home with their boxed prize of love- a steaming hot Park Avenue Pizza or one of the myriad of their Italian specialties

As its name applies-Park Avenue Pizza-prepares pizza–I really shouldn’t say prepares, they in actuality “craft” pizza. I, along with the majority of the world are fussy to the point of “Pizza obsession” on how they want their pizza crafted. I find that Park Avenue Pizza is close to my ideal. Start off with freshly made dough and sauces, add your choice of ingredients, be it hamburger, anchovies, shrimp or even pineapple, I personally prefer just a plain cheese pizza. Once prepared, the Park Avenue “pie”, steaming hot right from the oven, has a nice even texture, not too thin or too thick, very little air bubbles, outer crust, an even golden tan. The homemade sauce provides a superior base and is not overly sweet while the topping of choice, a blend of mozzarella and cheddar cheese is the piece de resistance to this superior quality ingredient pie! Now you know why they are queued up all day long for these hand baked oval wonders in the town of Bloomfield – and especially during the 4th weekend celebration. Please note- that “Patriotic Pizzas” is not on the regular menu- please ask for one to be especially crafted for you.

Howard Steven Frydman is General Manager and Executive Director of BATV – Channels 5, 95 & 96. Please feel free to contact Mr. Frydman with your thoughts and ideas, or if you would like to invite Mr. Frydman to review your restaurant at Howardbatv@aol.com.

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