Bloomfield Village Pizza- Pizza, Pasta and much more!!



Friends- I just had an absolutely outstanding dining experience in my own hometown-the beautiful hamlet of Bloomfield, Connecticut!! The restaurant- Bloomfield Village Pizza at 34 Tunxis Avenue!!! Owner and Executive Chef Maria Rosu Livanis is crafting amazing culinary delights in her kitchen- let me tell you!


Maria Rosu Livanis, Executive Chef and owner of Bloomfield Village Pizza.

Bloomfield Village Pizza is much more than just pizza- and I do enjoy their always fresh from the oven Pizza Pies- I always gravitate toward my usual large cheese pizza.
But tonight was different- and Maria, went all out with some wonderful suggestions and offerings from their incredible menu.

Pre-Dinner consisted of fresh summer salad with my favs Greek Olives and sautéed yellow peppers and then it happened- I truly believe Maria must have been reading my mind- she brought forth a “Howard Favorite” – lightly battered “Whole Belly Clams”- out of this world scrumptious!! Turn your head and I made those clams disappear into my awaiting tastebuds!

My main course- Chicken Parmigiana with a side of hot, steaming pasta topped with home made meat sauce- I love when my food comes to the table still streaming with a bit of steam – don’t you?? The Parm- moist and delectable!

Maria also prepared me one of her own secret recipes- Greek-style Baked Scrod- fresh, light and so tasty!!

Thank you so much Maria and Bloomfield Village Pizza!! You will be hearing more about this incredible dining destination in a future “Howard Food Review Article” – think of these remarks as your appetizer!! Enjoy!!

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