Comfort Food prepared by Chef Maria at Bloomfield Village Pizza



Executive Chef Maria Rosu Livanis- aka the “Rose”!!

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet- William Shakespeare.

The name- Bloomfield Village Pizza, at 34 Tunxis Avenue, situated in my hometown – the beautiful hamlet of Bloomfield, Connecticut!!image And what smells so sweet you ask? The “most” delicious offerings emanating from the kitchen of famed Restauranteur- and
Executive Chef Maria Rosu Livanis- aka the “Rose”!!

Though the name may state “pizza” Chef Maria continues to provide more than just pizza- offering an amazing array of culinary delights from her kitchen. From fresh fish to Greek and Romanian dishes – “The Rose” can do it all!!

By the way how many of you enjoy good old fashioned “comfort” food- well here ya go- let me tell you about my most recent visit this past Wednesday evening.

I arrived around 7:30pm and the restaurant is packed – nary a place to park but I squeeze my car off to the side, open the car door, and then immediately allow a sweet decadent aroma to enchant me onward to meet those savory, yummy enticements that wait inside for me to discover.

Chef Maria is there to warmly greet me with a big hug and escorts me to a comfy booth while describing tonight’s home-cooked comfort food fare:

Slow cooked Greek style lentil soup- simply delicious- this should be bottled- I ate the entire bowl- see photo below;

plated Greek Style salad; image

moist succulent, thick cut, baked pork chop with Greek style white rice;

and the pièce de résistance- Chef Maria’s exquisite home style “Yemista” – authentic baked stuffed peppers and tomatoes served with a side of boiled red bliss potatoes.

image image image

Oh my goodness good!!
What a meal! I never ate better!
And as stated – this restaurant is so much more than just pizza- I know “who knew? well now you know – !!

Please my friends- sample this extraordinary restaurant- ask for Chef Maria and have her prepare one of her superb meals especially for you- by the way she makes a mean “whole belly clams” dinner!
I will be writing a full food review in November- but in the meantime- please sample some of this mouth watering cuisine coming from Chef Maria’s Kitchen. Enjoy!!


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  1. Monica says:

    Im proud of you,sis,Good Bless you!!!!!


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