A Ledgendary Birthday Dinner at Texas Roadhouse!!


A  Legendary Birthday!!

Wishing my brother Harvey Frydman a belated Happy birthday and a belated birthday dinner… a week late- yep I came down with bronchial pneumonia- so he understood-

On my brothers birhday – routine is the word-Where did I take him to dine you ask?
I took him to his favorite steak restaurant, Texas Roadhouse in Manchester, CT.

img_3013 img_3014
From the parking lot one is quickly enveloped by a cloud of deliciousness- Oh the amazing aroma of the steaks sizzling, onions sautéing and honey bread baking as you make your way through the ever changing Connecticut weather- currently 37 degree, light ice pellets, windswept, time to bundle up outdoors to the oh-so toasty internal home of these amazing legendary steaks!!

img_3015 img_3017
For our appetizer we shared a side of Texas Roadhouse award winning BBQ ribs along with a basket of fresh from the fryer steak fries..

Harvey and I both had 12 oz filets, prepared medium well and unpressed, with ultra hot baked potatoes blanketed with fresh butter, sour cream and honey mustard. For sides I had a house salad with fresh mushrooms, diced celery, chopped hard boiled egg, diced peppers, red sweet onions served with thousand island dressing while Harvey went for their award winning chilli- !! Major kudos go to both the chef- our steaks were prepared perfectly and our attentive waiter Jose- great job all around!!


Dessert? what’s a birthday without a nice thick slice of NY style cheesecake-
A great meal, a Happy Birthday, and an amazing friend and brother–!!! Happy Birthday Harvey Frydman!!!

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