The “Empress of Pizza” Chef Maria Rosu- Bloomfield Village Pizza


The Empress of Pizza” – Chef Maria Rosu.


Chef Maria Rosu-“The Empress of Pizza” -Bloomfield Village Pizza.

”Tis only two days since Thanksgiving’s departure. Though refrigerators are still burdened with leftovers of Butterballs, Spiral hams, green bean casseroles, candied yams , red bliss mash potatoes, cranberry relish and so many other accoutrements – there is only one thing on the minds of many, besides Holiday bargains- PIZZA!!


Yes, I truly admit- please no more turkey – I – like so many others just want a nice hot fresh Pizza.
The place to go? The one and only Bloomfield Village Pizza presided over by the “Empress of Pizza” – Miss Maria Rosu- Chef Extraordinaire. According to Chef Maria, “since the day after Thanksgiving- we must have had over 500 folks waiting in line for Pizza or calling for delivery-I can’t make them fast enough- I wish I had a magic pizza wand- but I love that so many love my pizza!”


I can understand why folks have a yearning for after Thanksgiving Pizza- especially from the famous Bloomfield Village Pizza- they follow the basic three step criteria for their Pizza- 1. fresh dough made daily, 2. the in house made sauce, mozzarella cheese and various toppings are not added till ordered, and 3. because of steps 1 & 2 taken – each and every pizza, directly from her ovens, are beautifully risen orbs of delight- fluffy, crusts expertly baked a golden amber- and oh-so-tasty!



On this chilly, pre-Holiday evening, with Thanksgiving and Black Friday now a day of yore, Chef Maria prepares for me not only her sought-after Pizza, but her delicious Whole Belly Clams; a generous portion of her popular sweet buffalo wings; and Chicken Parmigiana – a massive platter of tender chicken and steaming pasta adorned with meat sauce and draped with flowing mozzarella- what an amazing “After Thanksgiving” meal!! However Chef Maria, nay “Empress Maria”, still has something up her chef’s robe for me to sample- her decadently delicious Tiramisu – a mascarpone custard dessert made with ladyfingers lightly dipped in coffee and crowned with a dusting of cocoa-yes- fit for a King!!


Thank you Chef Maria Rosu- you are truly a beautiful Empress presiding not only over Pizza but the entire Village of Bloomfield in preparing so many excellent creative dining offerings. And let me tell you friends, forget about the latest fad this Christmas – Chef Maria’s Pizza is a pretty hot commodity itself- make sure you get in line for one of her royal pizza pies – you’ll never regret it!! Enjoy!!


Harvey Leon Frydman enjoys a delicious After Thanksgiving meal.

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