A Child Believes in Santa Claus- Do You?



Please tell me the truth –  is there a Santa Claus?

The ultimate question – asked by 5 year old Zora to her Grandmother, Ms. Lucy Hurston, fawmed author and sociology professor, “Grandma, is there really really a Santa Claus?”


That same question, has been asked for generations- the answer? Yes, little Zora, there is a SANTA CLAUS- as long as you believe- there will always be a SANTA Claus!


But what about the next question posed by Zora to Ms. Hurston- “Grandma- can me and my friends really really meet the REAL Santa Claus- not the mall Santa or somebody with a fake beard- but the “one and only” SANTA”!


Without hesitation, Hurston, the great grandniece of American Folklorist and author, Zora Neale Hurston, replied that Santa Claus did exist and that Zora would meet the man in the red suit!

Hurston explained, “Zora has an undeniable belief that Santa Claus exists, that there are flying reindeers and that all good children will receive one special gift on Christmas Day. She is an extraordinary child, who see’s life and all its wonders still through a child’s innocent eyes – and that all is good in this world. I want her to have that belief for as long as she can. Wouldn’t it be a better world if we all had Zora’s eyes to look at the world through”?


But how do you contact Santa during his busy season, with only one week before Christmas Day? Leave it to Grandma Lucy to have a direct North Pole link to the “man in red” with a “real” beard- Howard Steven Frydman. Many know Mr. Frydman as the longtime- General Manager of Bloomfield Access Television and member of the Bloomfield Board of Education. During December, he is also affectionately known as “Santa Howard” – who has served as the official “SANTA” for the city of Hartford for the past several years and has received special recognition by three City and Town Mayors- Hartford’s Mayor Luke Bronin, Mayor Pedro E. Segarra and Bloomfield’s former Mayor Syd Schulman.



Ms. Hurston is currently planning a very special “event” to introduce “Kris Kringle” to Zora and a large group of her child hood friends who also share their belief in Santa. This “Tis the Season to Believe” event, is currently scheduled for Sunday, December 18th in the beautiful hamlet of Bloomfield, Connecticut. Ms. Hurston, who is well-known for her culinary skills, is preparing a Holiday Meal fit for a SANTA, plus providing a buffet of alfalfa, hay and carrots for visiting reindeers.


Wishing all a Merry Yuletide and a Happy Turning of the Calendar.

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