My New Birthday- February 20th, 2017



So I am reborn- my new birth date is Monday, February 20th, 2017, 7:15am!

But let’s go back a few hours – the process… my last full meal was around 5:30pm Sunday, give it a minute or two each way.. The “supper”- overdone chicken, a bit of mash and gravy and green beans- well not the best of “noshes” – but this is going to havta hold me for at least several days.






The  first wash- about and hour later, a tech comes into my room to assist me in disrobing. ALL clothes off. I am instructed to wash everything, from between the toes to between what nature gave me. My entire bed is taken apart and remade with clean linen. A few friends stop by to give me strength, Meredith Johnson, her friend Tim, Barbara Williams and her son
Khalid, my best pal Wayne Hypolite and of course the finest Brother a guy could ever want, Harvey Leon Frydman. I am provided the much beseeched tranquilizer- but my gaze still follows the minute hand hour after hour.

img_3278 img_3279 img_3280

The second wash begins around 4am, starters- an entire shave and back hair cut- it takes this poor petite woman over an hour to do the “shave”- yep everything- modesty is out the door at this point. That is followed by another major scrubbing down from head to toe- clean clean and more clean. I remember getting some pre medications- but I don’t remember what they were. 6am, I am taken down from the 9th floor to the 5th floor to await the “operating theater”. All the folks in ICU are ultra nice- the “mantra” as on each floor, “what is your name, what is your day of birth”?


I am wheeled into the O. R. large open, cool, sterile. I am asked to scoot me behind from the day bed to a smaller cradle. The very last thing I recall is the beehive style operation lights floating above me. That’s it- i don’t remember anything else that took place – No sense of time, place or existence- yet I am reborn.

As I wake my brother Harvey is by my side, “Ya did good”, you’re fine”. Breathing tubes immediately harass me. PULL THEM OUT!! yet they stay. Dr. Martinez stops by- gives a thumb up- it will be a few days later that I can actually tell this man- “Thank you for saving my Life”! YOU SAVED MY LIFE! Oh my god! Thank you!



It’s a few days later- my throat is still scratchy- I heal….

The next chapter, the healing process  and then onto Duncaster for rehab – situated in the beautiful hamlet of Bloomfield, Connecticut!!

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4 Responses to My New Birthday- February 20th, 2017

  1. Wen says:

    Wbt are you blogging in the wee hours? All the love you can handle,coming your way. I’ll call Harvey later to get your itinerary. You are one lucky big hearted man.


  2. Lucy A Hurston says:

    Waiting for you to be comfortable enough for a visit. Sending hugs and kisses for now.


    • howardbatv says:

      Dearest Lucy- hello-!
      Excepting gratefully ALL hugs and Kisses- currently at Caleb Hitchcock at Duncaster.
      Would enjoy seeing you – yet, please be warned, I look more like “Grisley Adams”- than Kris Kringle..
      BTW- everyone at the hospital wanted to see pics of me as SANTA!
      With much love,


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