The Howard – A Heart Healthy Cruise aboard RCCL “Anthem of the Seas” pt2


THE HOWARD- Travelogue

Travel Review-Anthem of the Seas
Howard Steven Frydman
Part 2

A Nine Day Cruise- Leaving from Cape Liberty, New Jersey, on the Anthem of the Seas. Ports of call: Kings Wharf Bermuda, Philipsburg St. Maarten, San Juan Puerto Rico and Labadee, Haiti

As stated in part one- I have my prescription: “et requiem relaxat” – rest and relax in Hand. My RX to the “r’s – the ultra magnificent RCCL Anthem of the Seas – at this very moment here I am, mid afternoon, in quite repose, listening to the Carpenters singing “We’ve Just Begun” – sharing new horizons! Yes new horizons- for here, happily away from work and stress, I lounge- what a lovely word- Lounge- on the balcony of my two tier royal loft suite watching the clear blue horizon and the Caribbean Sea scamper gently across and so far away from our host ship.

Kings Wharf Bermuda as seen from the RCCL Anthem of the Seas

I am on a heart- healthy journey. I have read that since ancient times, folks have attributed that the sea, or just being near the water has healing properties providing a sense of calm, clarity and rejuvenation. Yes the pure aqua blue water surrounds – though only a few days into my cruise- I am saying goodbye to memories of my recent open heart bypass surgery and a grateful hello to the “Anthem of the Seas” cruise ship as it takes me on a rejuvenating healing journey.

My heart healthy routine- though as mentioned I have a beautiful suite on board-I am not letting the day escape me- I am making every minute count! So I am up and out of the cabin by 8:30am and head to deck 14 to the ship’s- fitness center. In my pre-“H-Cut” days- I would probably had headed first to the Windjammers Marketplace- for a buffet style breakfast of fried eggs, pancakes, bacon, hash browns, English muffins, donuts- well you get my drift. I am keeping my cardiac rehabilitation regime intact- twenty minutes on the treadmill, level 2, followed by another 20 on the recumbent bike. I enjoy the recumbent bike- I achieve a great work out and it’s comfortable on my back especially to a newbie starting a regimen of exercise. The Anthem has a great roster of equipment, weights, and ellipticals plus a roster of enrichment seminars, Medi-Spa and holistic spa services.

Dr. Adriano Almeida- acupuncturist

On our way into Philipsburg St. Maarten, Dr. Adriano Almeida- acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Physician, aboard the Anthem of the Seas, provides me heart healthy advice- and just like Dr. Corcoran tells me, “Will you just relax- leave the work for later” as he performs the ancient healing – alternative medicine of acupuncture, the insertion of thin needles into the skin. Dr. Almeida, who has over 16 years of practice, and has studied in China, and after taking note of my tongue, eyes, any palpitations, and even my breathing, then inserts several needles into my forehead and arms, all in an effort to heal and ultimately relax. What ever Dr. Adriano has done to me- this acupuncture is really working- I really really feel relaxed- even my breathing has slowed, I’m not talking so fast and all of a sudden I have a yen for a heart healthy coconut coolatta and a lounge chair in the shade!

Oh by the way my morning breakfast after my cardio workout- a heart healthy smoothie and a platter of fresh fruit!! Just ask- they will prepare a smoothie just for you – I don’t want you even looking at a fried egg- ya hear!!


My Heart Healthy Cruise Dining: true to my word – I am dining on fresh fruits, vegetables, skinless chicken and lean veal. My worst enemy are the fresh breads the bakers make daily- shame on them! However, Anthem of the Seas is a true help in assisting me or anyone with special dietary needs- just ask!! From all the many choices of restaurants on board (including Chic, Grande, Silk, and American Icon, plus those mentioned in part one of this travelogue) – my favorite dining spot is the charming and oh so quiet Coastal Kitchen. Coastal Kitchen’s General Manager, Mr. Fares Hergli from Tunisa has been a major lifesaver in making sure I am maintaining my heart healthy lifestyle. Thank you Fares in providing me some delicious creative salads and mouth watering fruit cocktails.

Mr. Fares Hergli
















In fact, “Anthem of the Seas” Executive Chef Jayson joins me one early morning in the “Coastal Kitchen” on Deck 14, and prepares several heart healthy items for me to enjoy while on board and additionally provides the recipes so that I may share “cruise ship cuisine” with you at home!

First Recipe:

“Chef Jayson’s Tropical Fruit Salad”

Half of Mango
Several medium sized strawberries
One Kiwi fruit
One navel orange quartered
One slices banana
Sliced cantaloupe melon and honeydew
1/4 cup raspberries, blueberries and blackberries
Arrange artistically on plate
Dressing: Yogurt of choice lightly drizzled on top


Second Recipe:
Chef Jayson’s “Cruise Time Vegetable Seafood Salad”

One red pepper sliced thin
One yellow pepper sliced thin
One small carrot- julienned
One small radish sliced
One orange- segmented
Selection of radicchio lettuce washed and patted dry
Arugula lettuce washed and patted dry
Four Colossal “Tiger” Shrimps
Arrange artistically on salad plate
Dressing: Choice of Balsamic and olive dressing or raspberry vinaigrette

Both items are heart healthy selections and are easy to prepare at home – and as both Chef Jayson and Coastal Kitchen’s Mr. Fares state, “Bon Appetite” – !

Howard Steven Frydman, Chef Jayson, Fares Hergli

Next part three — Howard meets the Captain of the Anthem of the Seas for tea!

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