Bloomfield Village Pizza – “The Friday Fish Fry” – a 7 Seas taste treat!


The best “damn” (pardon my French) “Friday Fish Fry” can be found in the beautiful hamlet of Bloomfield, the place? Bloomfield Village Pizza of course, helmed by the Empress of Pizza herself, Chef Maria Rosu.

Chef Maria, affectionately known as, the “Empress of Pizza”, for her world famous, fresh out of the oven pizza, is quickly gaining recognition as the “Empress of the Seven Seas” as well with her fresh from sea – “Friday Fish Fry” with such darling offerings including; Haddock, halibut and scrod, colossal scallops, whole belly Clams and tiger shrimps.

Like most, whenever I think of Bloomfield Village Pizza, I immediately think – “best Pizza in Connecticut- hands down- and then onward to Chef Maria’s authentic homemade pastas, grinders, chicken wings and salads. But for the last several months, my tastebuds have been more adventurous with a yen for fresh fish. Like most, I have sojourned throughout Connecticut searching for great seafood restaurants- but who knew my search would bring me back to my own home town.

A “Friday Fish Fry” has been part of my world since a child- I remember going with the family to “Howard Johnson’s” in Hartford almost every week, the waitress would push a cart to your table, and plate you with fresh fried fish, chips (fries) and all the accompaniments you can handle.

It was several weeks back, yes- on a Friday, that I was visiting Chef Maria, she made me one of her world famous plain cheese pizzas and then asked what else I would like, I quickly responded her “Friday Fish Fry” Special- a whole golden fried Haddock, accompanied by Fresh whole belly clams, lightly breaded and fried scallops and shrimps, and served with hand cut crispy French Fries- with lemon wedges and tartar sauce on the side.

I enjoyed my delicious orb of a Bloomfield Village Pizza, and then Chef Maria brought out my “Friday Fish Fry” as described above- however on its way to my table and my awaiting tastebuds- several folks seated in adjoining tables took note of my “Catch of the Day” – one woman even asked if she could stop by my table to take a second look at this oh-so enticing plate of fish-fry finery- of course one look and she ordered the “Friday Fish Fry” as well!

Folks, I so encouraged you to visit with Empress Maria at Bloomfield Village Pizza, sample her rich assortment of Italian delights, but when it comes to Friday- remember her Fantastic Fish Fry. I understand in coming weeks Chef Maria is contemplating adding Fried Shrimp and Fried Whole Belly Clams Po-boys and fish tacos- I can’t wait! Enjoy!!

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