The Howard – Meet my Cardiologist- Dr Patrick Corcoran- Thank you!!!


Dr. Patrick Corcoran- Cardiologist

….,,, and now meet Dr. Patrick Corcoran- my cardiologist- on this day another appointment, another check of my heart—a weigh in, a cardiogram, a listen to my lungs, more checks of my blood pressure, and a view of my second chest incision- now three weeks young. Everything is fine!

Once again, I have the opportunity to thank this doctor for saying to me “let’s take a “Looky loo” of my internal clock and making all the Hospital arrangements for surgery – Lucky thing he did or I would not have been here to write these words.

Dr. Corcoran also said something I will always remember “Howard- you were the calmest patient I have ever had going into open heart bypass”- I smiled – I knew I was in GoOD hands-

So what do I say to this man who has also played such an important role in making me whole-
I say to him- “Zei Gezunt”!! – Be Healthy- be well!! That’s right I am teaching him a bissel
of Yiddish – its too true- I’m slowly teaching my cardiologist Dr. Corcoran – Yiddish and he is a quick study!! And it’s a good thing!

On this very day of my office visit- I brought him a gift of thanks, several Movie DVDs, some hats for the upcoming winter and other assorted odds and ends and then told him it was a bit of this or that – what me dad Jack would call “chazerai”- stuff – of a little of this, a little of that- yes- Dr. C. learned his second word “chazerai”- and he pronounced it correctly too!!

But truthfully, Dr. Patrick Corcoran- may I say to you – “Zei Gezunt”!!!



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