Bloomfield Couple Organize “Diversity BBQ” for over 300

Bloomfield Couple Organize “Diversity BBQ” for over 300

“This is a good thing” stated Francis Wiggins as she welcomed over 300 guests from throughout Connecticut to her home in the beautiful hamlet of Bloomfield in a celebration of diversity and friendship. Several guests came from as far away as Ireland and Iceland to join participants and to share their different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

For over 10 years Francis and Al Wiggins have organized a “Diversity BBQ” where clergy, laymen, residents and local elected officials can come together to discuss issues, share experiences, provide prayers of peace and have a BBQ fellowship.

Mrs. Wiggins additionally stated, “if there is one thing that can bring folks from all various ethnic and cultural backgrounds together is good food- once we can share a meal, we can then sit back relax, talk and really get to know each other- and you know what? The bottom line is that we are all basically the same”.

Twenty five members of the “Diversity BBQ” team spent an entire week cooking and organizing the “Diversity BBQ” with guests enjoying ribs, burgers, hotdogs, jerk chicken, homemade salads, home-style baked beans, corn on the cob, baked Mac & Cheese and a myriad of tasty treats and desserts.

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