The Howard – Twelve Thousand Christmas Cannolis


Over 12 Thousand Christmas Cannolis Sold begins new record at Pasticceria Italia

Bloomfield’s most famous and busiest pastry shoppe, Pasticceria Italia, situated at 10 Wintonbury Mall in the beautiful hamlet of Bloomfield Connecticut is set to sell a record breaking amount of Christmas Cannolies, cookies, cakes and various holidays pastries. According to Chef Emiddio Botta, owner of Passticceria Italia, “Christmas is almost two weeks away, and we have already sold over 12 thousand Cannolis, several thousand cookie trays, and the cookie ovens and my staff are working non-stop- we are heading for a record breaking holiday season- I’m almost certain we will sell over 18,000 Cannolis by Christmas”!

As usual, per this time of year, folks are lined up outside the bakery, while staff man an ever ringing phone, as they take holiday baked good orders. Emiddio additionally mentions, “I have a tremendous cooking staff, they arrive at the bakery at 5am, and off they go, turning out besides our Cannolis, freshly made pies, breads, cakes and cookies and so much more- it’s like Santa’s workshop back there”.

The pastry shop’s glass showcases are brimming with such freshly made baked goods, including, Whip Cream Cakes, Ricotta Cakes, Chocolate Mousse Cakes,Tiramisu Cakes, German Chocolate Cakes, Napoleon Cakes, Rum Cakes, Cappuccino Cakes, Strawberry Cheese Cakes-, and pies galore- Apple, Chocolate and Banana Cream, Pecan, Yam and Sweet Potato Pie, and there is so much more- and we have not even started on the myriad of Italian cookies, home made soups and sandwiches.

‘Tis the season for delicious treats, baked goods, and sweet desserts – for those in the know- and from all over New England, to make your holiday table bright, I strongly suggest you bring home some holiday baked goods from Pasticceria Italia tonight. And for those of you who enjoy freshly made, creamy, delectable Christmas Cannolis, be they plain, chocolate chip, or chocolate dipped, please help Chef Emiddio Botta, reach his goal of over 18,000 Cannolis sold this Christmas – they are simply delicious!!

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