The Howard – Travelogue – Part 1 ~ RCCL Anthem of The Seas – 11 Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise


THE HOWARD- Travelogue 
Travel ReviewAnthem of the Seas
Reviews by: Howard Steven Frydman 

Part 1
Well hello there-! Thank you for joining me on this December, 11 Night Eastern Caribbean cruise aboard the beautiful cruise ship Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines – Anthem Of The Seas. 

As I write these words- it’s currently Thanksgiving Day-, and it’s cold outside, 9 freezing Connecticut degrees, and yes there is snow already on the ground. For the first time in many a year I have not prepared a holiday turkey- but I am truly thankful of wonderful friends who have invited me on this day of thanks and gratitude to join them in a bountiful dinner. I am also thankful for friends at RCCL, such as Megan Barbe who continually checks up on me regarding my health. For it was a little over a year ago that I had open heart bypass, and once I had completed my convalescence, Megan along with our other dear friend, Lyan Sierra-Caro arranged a heart healthy cruise. Over a year has passed, and yes it’s time for another Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines cruise!


Firstly, let me tell you, Megan has done her cruise magic once more and has picked me out yet another extraordinary cruise destination and one exceptional cruise suite. ( Ahem – btw Michael Bayley – CEO of Royal Caribbean International- how about a nice raise for Megan-huh?!!)  Truly – Thank you Megan- you are a wonderful representative of RCCL, and I so enjoy that you not only treat me, but all your fellow passengers as one long extended family – and on  this Thanksgiving 2018 I am so truly grateful for RCCL’s kind assistance and sincere friendship. 

Thursday, Friday, Saturday- pre-cruise preparations, packing luggage, folding clothes (that will only get re-wrinkled), getting out passports, filling out cruise documents, setting up limo service, stopping mail, preparing medications and other assorted sundry items such as  toothbrushes, shaving razors, clean underwear and socks, sunglasses and finally – to remembering to clean out the refrigerator – you don’t ever want to come home to two week old green hairy frankfurters. One thing I want all you new cruisers to take note- your cabin is small – don’t over pack with ten suits, 20 pairs of shoes and four suitcases – you will find there is NO ROOM for all this useless falderal – just take your basic essentials!  On most cruises there are usually one to two formal nights- gals a beaded top and slacks will suffice and gents one nice pressed suit will do ya quite nicely. 

It is finally Sunday, the day of the cruise that you have been planning for the past several months has arrived. I am up by 4 am, dress and shower. Last minute checks of the house and then I slowly place my luggage outside near the end of  my driveway. Myles from Hunter Limosine is at my home exactly at 6 am, they store my luggage in the trunk and voilà I am underway to Cape Liberty, New Jersey, and onward to a cruise aboard the RCCL Anthem of the Seas. An exciting Eleven Day Cruise- Leaving from Cape Liberty, New Jersey with our exciting Ports of call including: San Juan, Puerto Rico; Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas; St. John’s, Antigua; Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis and Philipsburg, St. Maarten


 Two hours and 15 minutes later our limo is pulling up to the RCCL Cape Liberty cruise passenger terminal. At Zone 6, a  porter loads our luggage from limo to transport cart.  Easy Peasy. In fact the entire embarkation process was probably the easiest I have ever witnessed. I had already completed the RCCL Online Check-In process at home, photo and passport info, so with my Set Sail Pass and Passport in Hand it was literally seconds to do the pre-board registration – those guys (RCCL Agents) with their mobile iPads at the port are lickety split fast – let me tell you!! 

I am now currently on board……the adventure begins!

Next – part two- 

Meeting our RCCL Genie – intro to the Anthem of The Seas, getting cruise reacquainted and finally taking note that I have gained too much weight – my cardiologist Dr. Patrick Corcoran will not be pleased… please stay tuned!

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