The Howard – The Spirit of Christmas- Welcome Noble Shropshire & Johanna Morrison!


The Spirit of Christmas Arrives in Bloomfield 

The one and only “Spirit of Jacob Marley” has made a visitation to the beautiful New England hamlet of Bloomfield, Connecticut as portrayed by the remarkable stage actor Noble Shropshire. If Jacob Marley is hereabouts, than that can only mean “A Christmas Carol–A Ghost Story of Christmas is being produced at The Hartford Stage in downtown Hartford throughout the holiday season.

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, Noble Shropshire

During a time away from the Hartford Stage, Noble, who not only plays the chained and tormented ghost of Jacob Marley plus Scrooge’s amorous and most beloved housekeeper Mrs. Dilber, met up with actress, author, HARTT Professor, and past “Spirit of Christmas” alumni, Johanna Morrison and BATV General Manager, Howard Steven Frydman for a special luncheon, prepared by Chef Maria Rosu at Bloomfield Village Pizza. 

 According to Mr. Shropshire, “I just got off stage, took off my makeup and costume and I was whisked away to Bloomfield. My dear friends Johanna Morrison and Howard Frydman were so kind to invite me to lunch. I am just getting over a bit of a cold, and I so wanted some nice freshly made soup and maybe a salad. But when I arrived, this delightful Chef Maria prepared us a feast- from pasta, delicious pizza, and even my homemade soup. I am so appreciative of both Johanna, Howard and Chef Maria Rosu of Bloomfield Village Pizza for this outing I will always cherish”. 


This beloved holiday classic, A Christmas Carol–A Ghost Story of Christmas will run through Saturday, December 29th at Hartford Stage. Mr. Shropshire, also remarked, “I hope everyone, not only in Bloomfield, but throughout Connecticut takes the opportunity to see this amazing seasonal production, I even soar over the audience, it’s quite a lot of fantastic fun for all ages-happy holidays to all

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