The Howard ~ “Bloomfield Teen Titan Tackles Covid 19 With CARE Packages”

Bloomfield Teen Titan Tackles Covid 19 With CARE Packages 

For the past three weeks, 12 year old Samantha Myles, a 6th grade student at Carmen Arace Middle School, as with most children in the town of Bloomfield has been securely and safely at home, studying – doing her distance learning, helping her mom and step-dad around the house, learning to cook, practicing her dance steps, meeting up with friends virtually, and something any parent would be proud of – performing unselfish acts of kindness for others. Samantha is currently hard at work not only sewing protective face masks for Bloomfield residents but also producing a series of COVID 19 Safety Care Kits to give out to those in need.

Samantha’s mother, Michelle Adams states, “I am literally speechless by this thoughtful child of mine – this was entirely her idea- I have a beautiful unselfish, and oh-so attentive child”. Samantha had just finished her distance learning homework, and instead of spending hours on the computer chatting away, she asks me, “Mom – thanks for giving me a home, love and protection from this Coronavirus, but what about folks who live at home alone and have no one”? 

Ms. Adams continues, “and then she asks if she can take out our old dusty Kenmore sewing machine. I got her started on the machine, setting up the bobbin and spool, the stitch length, hand wheel, pulled some material from the craft closet, and before you know it she was off and running making several styles and colors of “one of a kind” Corona fighting face masks”. 

“One can only rejoice that your child, on her own,  says to a parent,- “it’s her civic duty” to help others, plus we, the entire family are working as a team with this important initiative” states mom Michelle Adams. Samantha, as part of her distance learning curriculum, has to keep up to date with the Covid-19 trending and other world news on CNN10, and then she readily goes from studying to being part of an action plan. 

As soon as Samantha makes up a batch of about 25 masks, plus including some purchased from “rDs Classique Creations”, the protective Safety Care Kit process begins: including taking paper bags – each having custom “rainbow” artwork designed by Samantha, adding antibacterial bar soap, 3 pairs of vinyl gloves and a face mask which are then provided free of charge to the elderly or those in need.  Priority in receiving a face mask kit are those Bloomfield Senior Citizens over the age of 65. Presented for home delivery only – Samantha’s series of drivers, Mom and Step-Dad, go “non-contact” and only leave their deliveries of face masks at the door without any direct interaction. 

For information regarding either receiving a protective face-mask, making your own, or how your child can start up their own “Samantha Protection/Facemask Kit Club” at home, or helping Samantha with either making the face masks, deliveries, or product contribution please contact Samantha’s mom – Michelle Adams at 860-206-1042

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