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State Representative Bobby Gibson and “The Bread Lady” Sheray McDowell

A local “COVID-19 Caring For Others” Missionary Network has been established by Sheray McDowell aka “The Bread Lady” and assisted by State Representative Bobby Gibson – District 15, – both Bloomfield, CT residents.

State Representative Bobby Gibson- 15th District

For over 15 years, Sheray McDowell and her volunteer missionaries- have been traveling throughout the Greater Hartford region assisting local residents, church groups, halfway houses, senior citizen complexes and those in need with various food items. However, during the Covid-19 pandemic the missionaries work has expanded, as their car caravans filled with food items, now daily go street to street and home to home delivering not only needed bread and health aid items, but additionally checking in on the health, wellness, and those increasing concerns of our community members as we all continue to “stay home-stay safe”. 

Head Missionary Sheray McDowell

“The Bread Lady” and Head Missionary –  Sheray McDowell states, “I enjoy taking care of others, and during these difficult times there are just so many more of our citizens that need someone to care for them”. Sheray continues, “my missionaries and I are constantly being contacted for assistance, and we simply cannot say no to anyone in need- be it a simple loaf of bread, or just being there to talk to someone – where-ever there is a need we will be there”.

To become a “Missionary of Wellness” network volunteer,  or to make a donation of food items, Covid 19 face masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer, please contact Head Missionary, Sheray McDowell at 860-559-3939. 

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