The Howard – “Why Serve Steak – When you can Serve Salisbury” – Cooking Recipe

Why serve Steak – when you can serve Salisbury”!

Salisbury Steak Dinner

Dear  Foodie Fans,

I know many of you know me as the “local Food Critic” – hobnobbing with famous chefs, noshing at local eateries, such as my favs, Isaac’s Bagel Cafe, and Bloomfield Village Pizza, and giving you a fork to spoon report on my visit to a local eatery!

Well, sad to say, I have not done a restaurant review in now over a year. Like so many, I am still housebound, which gave me “food for thought” – what a great time to share with you some of my favorite “All Time – Comfort Foods” and my “Secret Recipe” on how to prepare them – first up – delicious, moist SALISBURY STEAKS!

Salisbury Steak, Potato Mash, steamed honey carrots. Photo by Harvey Leon Frydman

SALISBURY STEAKS- They are basically mini meatloafs that you make in a frying pan – easy peasy!  By the way History Fans – it was James Henry Salisbury, M.D. (January 12, 1823 – September 23, 1905) a 19th-century American physician, who was the inventor of the famous Salisbury Steak in 1888 – ground beef, flavored with onion and seasoning, broiled and covered with mushroom or brown gravy –  and in its day was touted as a popular health food!

Though I have never made the steak Salisbury, I am following a recipe that I found on line – that stated- “Why serve Steak – when you can serve Salisbury”! 

I’ve included the recipe for you intrepid Saturday Afternoon Chefs and connoisseurs of ground beef. BTW- I will be using fresh 85% ground beef – and the key word is “fresh”! As usual, my fresh ground beef comes from Geisslers- the finest supermarket in Connecticut. I so dislike, purchasing ground beef and coming home and finding the inside of the beef all grey – don’t you? At Geisslers, I have found it’s always fresh fresh fresh and please don’t be shy- ring the bell at the meat department and just ask them to prepare it the way you would like.



1 pound ground beef – (85% lean –  more flavorful taste and moist)

1/4 cup dry bread crumps – (I like to use Progresso Italian Style bread crumbs- (don’t forget we are building flavor)

1 Egg (beaten)

1 (11.4 ounce) packaged dry onion soup mix (such as Lipton’s Dry soup mix)

2 Tablespoons water – fresh from the tap is fine.

1 jar Heinz Gravy, Mushroom (or Beef), Homestyle – 12 oz

Extra secret ingredients-

I actually add the following for flavor: 

1 dollop of Ketchup

1 dash of Worcestershire sauce and or A1 Sauce

Sliced green peppers and mushrooms 


The fun part- Mix together the ground beef, Italian bread crumbs, french onion soup mix, beaten egg and water, a bit of the ketchup and Worcestershire sauce/A1 Sauce.

Now shape your Salisbury Steak mixture into oblong-shaped patties – should be able to make about 7-8 patties – not to thick.

Take your favorite skillet, add some vegetables oil to pan and begin to heat the pan – medium – 

Add your Salisbury Steak patties to the heated skillet. Cook the patties on each side for about 5 minutes till lightly brown, drain the excess grease.

Add your Heinz Jared Gravy on top of the Salisbury Steak patties. 

Add your additional secret ingredients- sliced fresh peppers and mushrooms.

Cook the Salisbury Steaks, covered,  in their bath of gravy for about 15-20 minutes – let it bubble a bit.

As stated, the recipe calls for the dry French onion soup mix as well -the mix does not make the Salisbury steaks too salty. As noted, I will not be making home made style gravy, but for quickness have chosen the Heinz jarred beef gravy, sans mushrooms- You cannot eat mushrooms with gout! Please note- as of this writing, I have made this Salisbury Steak recipe twice – believe you me they are absolutely delicious, moist and flavorful- in fact, leftovers made perfect midnight “raid the fridge” Sandwiches.

As a complete dinner, I will be serving the Salisbury Steaks with fresh baked Russet Potatoes, also from Geisslers, which I have prepared by washing, pat dry, making small slits in the potato, drizzled over with a bit of vegetable oil and have slid into the oven at 425 degrees for about 55 minutes – easy peasy! I do top my baked potatoes with Land O Lakes salted butter and a dollop of Breakstone Sour Cream. The veggie served is Green Giant Brand “French style Green Beans”, but I would also suggest using fresh asparagus spears on the side with a pat of butter.

Well that’s it in a nutshell my friends – the baked potatoes are currently cozily cuddled in the oven-  I will start preparing the Salisbury Steak process in a few myself and will have a delicious Salisbury Steak dinner – I hope you will join me and please let me know how your meal came out. Have a great cooking day everyone!

Howard Steven Frydman is General Manager and Executive Director of BATV – Channels 5, 95 & 96. Feel free to share  your cooking recipes with Mr. Frydman at

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