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The Howard – Howard Steven Frydman

Chef Emiddio Botta, owner of Passticceria Italia Bakery, situated in the beautiful Hamlet of Bloomfield, Connecticut, is proudly celebrating 25 years this August of continuous service throughout New England.

Emiddio Botta’s dedication, passion and hard work in providing the finest in baked goods, artisan pastries, and gourmet taste treats is truly inspiring and the reason for his long continued success as the premiere baker not only in Bloomfield, but throughout New England. Chef Emiddio Botta has additionally achieved celebrity status as one of the premiere pastry chefs here in Connecticut with his bakery “Pasticceria Italia” designated as “number one” of the top ten owner-owned bakeries here in Connecticut.

State Representative Bobby Gibson, who serves the 15th District – Bloomfield and Windsor CT, sent the following congratulatory remarks; “To Chef Emiddio Botta, owner of Passticceria Italia on your 25th Anniversary in business. Congratulations and thank you for your delicious treats and service to the Bloomfield Community. May your next 25 years be just as wonderful! Salute!”

The Honorable Sydney Schulman, former Mayor of Bloomfield states, “Good Morning Everyone, I am thrilled to congratulate Chef Emiddio Botta on the celebration of his 25 years of providing the BEST Italian pastry and baked goods in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts. I have talked to people from New Hampshire who have tasted his preparations at the Big E in Springfield and couldn’t wait to taste more. He is a shining jewel in Bloomfield’s restaurant and bakery establishments.  But, this jewel, like a fine diamond, shines outside the confines of Bloomfield to all over Connecticut and Western Massachusetts. A deep secret that should not be kept is his ability to serve Italian pasta meals at the restaurant also. If you want a taste of Heaven, try his pastries, Italian bread, etc.”

“It all started with a cannollie”, states Howard Steven Frydman, “it was during one of my first food reviews in 2008 for the Bloomfield Messenger, that Emiddio introduced me to one of his freshly made cannollies and I was hooked. I learned that he creates over 5000 cannolis each month and I’m sure I’ve eaten my share of them. Around ten years later Emiddio provided the grand cake for my 30th Anniversary Party as General Manager of BATV- the the three layer chocolate mousse cream cake was the hit of the celebration. In fact, during Thanksgiving, it has been a family tradition in my home to have one of Emiddio’s freshly made chocolate cream pies each and every year. Emiddio is one special person in our town, and I wish him a glorious anniversary and another 25 years of successful business here in Bloomfield.”

Emiddio, along with wife Carmen, son Giovanni and his entire dedicated bakery staff, arrives at the bakery at 5am, and off they go, turning out besides everyone’s favorite Cannolis and stogliatellas, aka Lobster Tails, but freshly made pies, breads, cakes and cookies and so much more. The ever busy bakery located at the Wintonbury Mall is a historic “Must Visit” destination stop for anyone visiting the charming hamlet of Bloomfield, CT. No matter what time of day, year, or even holiday – Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, or even Halloween, throngs of folks can be found in queue awaiting a freshly made baked artisan pastry treat, a hot from the oven pizza or even ordering their multi tiered weddings, anniversary or birthday cakes from Emiddio- the Maestro of marzipan.

Visitors always take note that the pastry shop’s glass showcases are always brimming with such freshly made baked goods, including, Whip Cream Cakes, Ricotta Cakes, Chocolate Mousse Cakes,Tiramisu Cakes, German Chocolate Cakes, Napoleon Cakes, Rum Cakes, Cappuccino Cakes, Strawberry Cheese Cakes-, and pies galore- Apple, Chocolate and Banana Cream, Pecan, Yam and Sweet Potato Pie, and there is so much more- and we have not even started on the myriad of Italian cookies, home made soups and sandwiches.

Chef Botta states, “I am ever so proud of my family and staff for what they have achieved in the past 25 years. In honor of our Anniversary, anyone who can bring in a photo of one of our Wedding, Anniversary or Birthday cakes that was purchased and created here at Passticceria Italia will receive a 10% discount on one of our special event cake creations purchased during our anniversary month”.

Paticceria Italia Bakery is located at the Wintonbury Mall, Bloomfield, Connecticut. For information of how to order your freshly make baked goods, please contact Chef Emiddio Botta at (860) 242-3440. Please remember to wear your face mask and social distancing is required when visiting the bakery.

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