The Howard – Foodie Friday – An Autumn Visit to Isaac’s Bagel Cafe

Today is Friday, October 15th 2021- we are in the midst of Autumn. Where is Howard this beautiful October day you ask? I am in the hometown, the beautiful hamlet of Bloomfield- the future metropolis of New England. On this sunshiny day, oh so beautiful with leaves gently parachuting down- I am visiting my friend, everyone’s friend, the one and only Mr. Isaac Suttar other wise known in our hamlet as the “nicest person whom you will ever meet”!

As many of you know, Isaac is the owner of one of the busiest “local hotspots in town – Isaac’s Bagel Cafe, situated at 16-b Mountain Avenue in Bloomfield, Connecticut. Delicious food, a homey atmosphere, and friends amongst friends abound within the Bagel Cafe. On this visit the ever busy eatery is adorned with the tapestry of Autumn and the celebration of Halloween. 

Issac is adding to his extensive menu- with “pumpkin-potpourri” a myriad of Autumn favorites, including pumpkin muffins, bagels, waffles, and please don’t forget all those favorites such as, home style breakfasts, soups, salads, sandwiches and on a cool Autumn day a nice steaming cup of hot chocolate.

On this very day I meet a woman who had moved to the hamlet about six years ago and this was her very first time at the popular eatery. She and her friend were sitting outside of Isaacs, in the award winning Isaac garden patio, and she remarked, “I’m a bit ashamed, I’ve lived here for 6 years, I go by every day and I wondered why it was so busy here, out of curiosity I stopped by today. I had a delicious omelette, I’m taking home a bag of fresh bagels, and believe you me, now that I know the way – I will definitely be back- the food is wonderful and Isaac is a wonderful host”.

 In fact, many folks drop by each day just to say a Hearty Hello to Isaac Suttar. He’s definitely one popular guy in Bloomfield. During my visit, I join others in the queue and order my personal fave during the week, a fried egg sandwich on a toasted buttered hard roll,  however, during the week-end, its the “Isaac Special” – a veggie omelette with a side of red bliss home style potatoes. Isaac always stops by to check on me and my meal and yes – we chat away like the good  friends we have become over the years.

For a hot coffee, a fresh bagel and a welcoming greeting this Autumn- please stop at Isaac’s Bagel Cafe, situated at 16-b Mountain Avenue in Bloomfield, Connecticut. Enjoy!

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