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The Howard – The Spirit of Christmas- Welcome Noble Shropshire & Johanna Morrison!

  The Spirit of Christmas Arrives in Bloomfield  The one and only “Spirit of Jacob Marley” has made a visitation to the beautiful New England hamlet of Bloomfield, Connecticut as portrayed by the remarkable stage actor Noble Shropshire. If Jacob Marley is … Continue reading

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The Howard – “A Gift to Remember” – Thank You Johanna Morrison!

  A Gift! During this holiday season- many will seek that perfect gift wrapped with a golden bow and topped with mistletoe- But the best gifts do not have to be tangible material items, for truly the best bestowals are … Continue reading

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Bypass Surgery- oh my!! Part one of a rebirth!!

A knock on the door- part one of a rebirth- bypass surgery oh my!!   Here I lay- 12:32am – Saturday-as I rethink the last few weeks that have brought me to a hospital bed at Saint Francis Hospital in … Continue reading

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A Review And Commentary – The Comedy of Errors – Hartford Stage

“The Comedy of Errors” – A commentary, a review. ‘Tis 48 hours since a “Ghost Light” beaconed proudly. ‘Tis 24 hours plus one since a grey rain trumpeted down throughout the land. This day – this very day of rest … Continue reading

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The Hartford Stage says “Farewell to our Dear Friend” – Bill Raymond

The farewell party for Bill Raymond lasted way past midnight! What a fantastic evening, what a historical evening!! The Hartford Stage Theater- every seat filled. The emotions over flowing- – nay no “Elixir of Life” from the cup of “Christmas … Continue reading

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……Dickens and me- a Hartt Happening!

Theater: The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby Howard Steven Frydman A happening– I have been part of a “happening” – a Jack Kerouac moment – a Jimi Hendrix flashpoint, a Dickens of a pause in time! NO this is … Continue reading

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