The Howard ~ Two Angels On Earth – Sheray McDowell and Michelle Adams – making the holidays bright for all!

Giving back in our community of Bloomfield. The power of two- two Bloomfield residents, Michelle Adams and Sheray McDowell, are both making a powerful difference this holiday season as they organize two very special events, Michelle Adam’s “Feel the Warmth” Blanket Drive –  making sure that our older population have a brand new warm blanket, and Sheray McDowell’s “Annual Toy Drive” which provides Bloomfield children a brand new toy on Christmas Day.

Michelle Adams

“It’s a stressful time for everyone, some have no jobs, many organizations are shut down, some are working from paycheck to paycheck, the demand for toys is huge, it is a hard decision for so many this year, either pay the rent or buy a child a toy” stated “Toy Drive organizer Sheray McDowell. “There is such a greater need this year because of the COVID-19 virus. We will be  distributing hundreds of toys but the demand is so great, we want to make sure every child gets a gift on Christmas morning” remarks Sheray McDowell.

Sheray McDowell

“Feel the Warmth” organizer Michelle Adams observes, “We are pitching in to aid our older neighbors who need our help. Our goal was to collect and distribute over 300 blankets to our “Older Adults”, homeless, veterans and “those in need” in our community. Many of our older population find it so difficult to stay warm during our Connecticut winters, especially those on a fixed income. Exposure to extreme cold temperatures can cause major complications, even death for the elderly. Blankets are a way to provide some control to utility costs, as well as help to maintain normal body temperatures. I feel so blessed to be able to help our Bloomfield residents by providing them a blanket”.

The “Feel the Warmth” Blanket Drive distribution will take place on Sunday, December 20th, 1-4pm at two Bloomfield town locations, Federation Homes and Interfaith Homes. Besides a brand new blanket, gift bags of face masks and sanitizer will also be provided. If you would like to make a donation of a brand new blanket please contact Michelle Adams at 860-209-8553. Recipients must be 65, resident of Bloomfield and show proof of residency.

Sheray McDowell’s Annual “DRIVE THRU”  Toy Drive distribution will be held on Monday, December 21stfrom 12noon to 2pm, Blue Hills Fire Station, Rear parking lot, 1021 Blue Hills Avenue. Bloomfield. The event is for children, birth to 12 years of age. Must be a Bloomfield resident and show proof of residency. Guests must wear masks and stay in their cars. To donate a new unwrapped toy to the Toy Drive please call 860-559-3939.

Sponsors and assistance with both the Blanket and Toy Drive include: State Senator Doug McCrory, State Representative Bobby Gibson, the Honorable Jennifer Marshall-Nealy, the Honorable Ken McClary, Blue Hills Fire Commissioner Chair Sheray McDowell, Blue Hills Fire Commissioner Michelle Adams, Democratic State Central Representative Edwin Garcia and BATV Executive Director – Howard Steven Frydman.

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